Danielle Culp

Health Information Exchange Coordinator
Office of Behavioral Health for the State of Colorado

Danielle Culp is the Health Information Exchange Coordinator for the Office of Behavioral Health for the State of Colorado. Danielle oversees the Medication Consistency Pilot program and is actively involved in other health IT-related initiatives for the State of Colorado that include behavioral health. She has extensive clinical experience as an Exercise Physiologist, which is why she is so passionate about supporting various individuals as they try to reach their optimal health and well-being. She also worked for Health First Colorado (Colorado Medicaid Program), which allowed her to be heavily involved in strategic demonstration projects and quality improvement activities. She has presented multiple times at the CMS Quality Conference as well as the Adolescent Health Conference in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Danielle is experienced in public speaking, project management and integrating health with information technology. She served on several state committees that enable her to create very diverse and innovative approaches to health care delivery. She has been recognized both locally and nationally for her role in large-scale projects or initiatives that have created meaningful outcomes for many vulnerable populations. Danielle received her Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and currently resides in Littleton Colorado with her husband and three children.

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